Lyles Station Traveling Trunk Program

Wed., Oct 20, 5:00pm

Lyles Station, 953 N. County Road, 500 W., Princeton, Indiana.

In 2012, Lyles Station Historic School & Museum received a grant from the Old National Bank Foundation to assemble two trunks containing books and hands on items focused on educating students about slavery and the Civil War. Those trunks have been lent out, free of charge, to many teachers, traveled many miles and continue to help educate children today.

Lyles Station is excited to announce that they will be expanding this program to add additional trunks telling the Civil Rights story. These trunks will be available for teachers to take into their classrooms for up to a month at a time, free of charge.

The public is invited to join them at the organizational meeting at Lyles Station on Wednesday, October 20th, 2021 at 5:00 pm to decide what items and resources they should include.

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